Not an actual patient. Be Your Smile

Smile big. You’ve got an aligner that fits.

Help more patients achieve happy, healthy smiles with OraFit clear aligners.

Be Your Smile Not an actual patient.

Smile big. You’ve got an aligner that fits.

Help more patients achieve happy, healthy smiles with OraFit clear aligners.

Beyond a

Be Your Smile

Beyond a

Be Your Smile Not actual patients.

Make a clear case for treating with aligners

Malocclusion can have a negative impact on the oral health of patients. Help patients understand the potential challenges with misaligned teeth1-5, such as:

Difficulty removing plaque
Inability to chew and complete other oral functions
Reduced periodontal integrity
Increased risk of periodontal disease

align art align art


According to a patient survey, patients reported experiencing
real-life, day-to-day challenges of misaligned teeth4:

Bad breath is a concern for 1 in 3
More than 40% have trouble eating
~50% feel less attractive and avoid smiling

Types of malocclusion5

  • crowding crowding
  • crowding spacing
  • crowding overjet
  • crowding crossbite
  • crowding Midline shift
  • crowding overbite
  • crowding open bite
  • crowding missing tooth

Make a difference in the 67% of adults who have malocclusion6



With increased demand for aesthetics and more comfortable aligners, OraFit delivers the latest wave of innovation in clear aligner technology.7

Fits into their daily routines

By helping your patients understand the overall health benefits of straight teeth, you may get more of your patients to commit to and remain compliant with clear aligner treatment.

The flex for positive clinical outcomes

OraFit uses a unique 3-layer design to deliver superior* strength and crack resistance, stress retention and distribution, durability, clarity, and comfort to improve patients' oral health-related quality of life.8

Picture-perfect process

Our intuitive online user portal to submit cases and approve treatment plans, helpful resources, and expert support help you integrate OraFit aligners seamlessly into your practice protocol.

*In a study comparison with Essix®, Taglus®, and Zendura.8




Get teeth precisely into position, not just kind of into position, in as little as 3 to 6 months.9†

Delivers superior stress retention, durability, and comfort and holds its original shape without warping or getting loose over time.8†

Does not discolor to yellow or off-white over time and proven to stay clearer vs many other aligner materials.9

Cutting-edge 3D Carbon printing technology for precision fit and superior quality, and ability for faster turn-around requests.10

Uses a 3-layer design for optimal balance of strength and elasticity—for constant teeth-moving forces.8†

†Results vary for each individual and their treatment plan.

EXCEPTIONAL durability, flexibility, and comfort

ZenduraTM FLX + L1 3D Carbon Printer = Straight up, straight teeth


40% lower force on initial insertion reducing pain at start of treatment

≥50% greater orthodontic force over time by keeping its shape and not warping

‡Based on a Zendura material comparative lab study.12


With a process that helps you develop accurate, reliable treatment plans, your patients can find their smile in as little as 3 to 6 months!§

Get started through our online platform to submit cases and approve treatment plans, so you can start treating your patients in as little as 8 days.

Not an actual dental healthcare professional. images-1

Submit impressions or scans

Upload photos and digital impressions. If you choose to take impressions—no problem—just send them to us and we will process them digitally.

Treatment Plan
24 to 48 hours

Once you submit the scans or impressions, a treatment plan is prepared within 24 to 48 hours. Depending on location, timing may vary.


Review and approve 3d treatment plan

Based on the orthodontist-developed treatment plan, our technicians create 3D renderings. Once completed, you will be notified by email to review, accept, or modify the plan.

5 to 10 days

After reviewing and approving the
treatment plan, the aligners are
produced and packaged.


Receive OraFit aligners and start treatment

When you receive the OraFit aligners, schedule an appointment with your patient for pickup and fitting. Get them started with the helpful materials and tools provided by OraFit.

2 to 5 days

When ready, the aligners are shipped
directly to your office and you can notify
the patient.

§Results vary for each individual and their treatment plan.

we fit together

OraPharma provides tailored solutions and specialized support, so you can help more patients achieve the happy, healthy smiles they've always wanted.


Intuitive tools and resources to help you successfully integrate OraFit into your practice.


Expert technical and clinical support from our trained specialists to help you every step of the way.


Comprehensive product portfolio to support your patients on a range of oral health challenges.

reshaping-expecations Not an actual patient or dental
healthcare professional.

Reshaping expectations in aligner treatment

With 25 years of dental experience, OraPharma offers innovations in science with unparalleled support, so when you choose OraFit as your clear aligner, you have more patients with happy, healthy smiles.

reshaping-expecations Not an actual patient or dental healthcare professional.


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